3/23/15 Pilates for Everyone!

Pilates Origins is a special Pilates event happening in Piedmont, California May 1 – May 4.  While the name Pilates has become somewhat popular in the past decade, the origins of the method are still relatively unknown.  Pilates Origins was created by Siri Dharma Galliano and Faye Stevenson to share the original Pilates exercise system […]Read More

12/18/14 What Makes A Pilates Conference?

As Siri and I have been meticulously planning our event, she started putting together a list of criteria – what makes a conference?  We thought that we’d share what is important to us so that folks that decide to join us will know just how much they have to look forward to.  We understand that […]Read More

11/23/14 Ready, Steady, (Just Over Five Months Till We) GO!

What can I say?  I’m a planner.  That’s why I jumped on board when Siri suggested that we bring her unrivaled brand of Pilates conferences to my home town, the idea of taking a year to plan out four days is strangely appealing to me.  Aside from working with her every week to make our […]Read More

7/19/14 Pilates Origins: Continuing a Tradition

Siri Dharma has been hosting Pilates conferences dedicated to the spirit of Joe’s teaching for years. Bayside Pilates has been championing the same spirit here in the SF Bay Area for over a decade and we’re thrilled to join her in continuing and growing that legacy. We are aiming to foster a holistic, inclusive, and […]Read More