7/31/15 Magical Moments

It’s difficult to sum up Pilates Origins 2015 with one blog post.  There was so much happening, for so many different people.   As I was under the weather, I was privy to an even smaller portion of it than had I been in perfectly good health.  For me there was one hour that bound my […]Read More

4/27/15 It Makes a Difference Part III

If you know Siri, you know that she operates a family style business.  One of the folks who’s been part of her events for years now is her dear friend Melody Doff. Mel is a creative gal who knows her way around a production set and was once able to bend backwards to nestle her […]Read More

4/27/15 It Makes a Difference Part II

This post is a long time coming because I’m swamped with preparations for Pilates Origins 2015.  But I had to carve out time to type out how lucky we are to have Jeanette Cassisi representing KnotOut next weekend.  Jeanette has filled her two decades as a movement trainer with a wide and varied array of […]Read More

4/9/15 In Sunni’s Words…Why Pilates Origins is Worth your Time

Sunni Almond originally wrote this for Pilates Intel, she recently sent it to me to share.  Siri Dharma Galliano’s Big Bear Intensive 2014 
by Sunni Almond First of all as much as everyone loves a little Pilates gossip and drama, there wasn’t any. I don’t want to get all kumbaya, but really in all honesty, […]Read More

3/18/15 It Makes a Difference, Part I

We are putting finishing touches on our plans for Pilates Origins 2015 these days.  It’s great to see things come together; to hear how excited folks are to join us, to receive packages of gifts and items that will be sold at the event, and plan just how we are going to unpack all that […]Read More

1/20/15 Three Cheers for Gratz!

I’ve always wanted to understand the Pilates apparatus because it’s such an integral part of Pilates.  We all fall somewhere on the spectrum of mechanical intuition:  some of us get it, some of us don’t, most of us are somewhere in between.  While I possess some degree of mechanical savvy, I’m not a tinkerer.  Unlike […]Read More