3/30/15 Keeping Her Nose to the Grindstone – Jennifer M. Stacey

When we make the choice to become Pilates instructors, we are introduced to the broader Pilates world and all the political and personality dynamics that are on show.  To some degree we have to engage with all that while we are learning – we ultimately make choices about who we learn from and alliances are […]Read More

12/9/14 Moses Urbano is Solid to the Core

It was a pleasure to talk with Moses Urbano this week.  Along with Michael Levy and Trish Garland, Moses was one of my first teachers when I entered the Romana’s Pilates apprenticeship program in 2004.  Motherhood has set me apart from all my faraway Pilates contacts and I’m grateful to have Pilates Origins 2015 as […]Read More

10/17/14 Alycea Ungaro: Keeping the Spirit of Pilates Alive

Earlier this week, I enjoyed the special opportunity to speak with Alycea Ungaro.  I’ve been watching the various interviews about Romana Kryzanowska on Pilates Anytime, so I had some thoughts in mind, but I really wanted to know what what happening for Alycea these days with Pilates.  She mentioned her work in developing a teacher […]Read More

10/7/14 Just What Makes Tiziana Trovati Tried and True?

It was affirming to hear Tiziana Trovati’s answers to many of the questions that I have had over the years because I have found it a daunting task to teach Pilates with a steady commitment to the original work.  I believe that this is largely a symptom of my learning Pilates from a very distal […]Read More

9/9/14 Come one! Come all! The greatest Pilates conference on earth!

As I get to know Siri, I also get to know her partner Vil.  A little off topic, but a tip nonetheless – if you want to hear a good story, just ride shotgun with Vil.  He’s had a life full of interesting exploits.  Vil teaches with a perfect blend of charm and authority and […]Read More

9/3/14 Return to Life : Return to Pilates

It’s been a week since I left Siri in Big Bear, full of inspiration and motivation for our collaboration:  Pilates Origins 2015 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This is the first of a series of blog posts that I will be sharing about our upcoming event.  Because I recognize Siri for her capacity as […]Read More